Big Ben = Al Capone

Big Ben as Al Capone

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  1. Fiona says:

    We watched & applaud your mighty effort yesterday. So very sorry that u lost but was so proud u tied it up, esp. with all the pain you’re suffering. My husband bought me Troy jersey, sweatshirt, & tee which is exactly what I wanted! Please convey our sincere thans & appreciation for his outstanding work this season. Please think twice before wearing that airboot too long. It fouled up my back, hips, knees, ankles after wearing for 2 months after foot surgery. Feel better soon, Ben!

  2. Leila says:

    My grandparents were mraeird in the Kansas City Clubhouse. It was a clubhouse for wealthy men to hunt and fish. My grandfather was a guide to the hunters and fishermen who visited. Some of the visitors were connected to the lumber business – the area had huge railroad tie yards – my dad (now 87) played on the stacks of ties. If you look off the bluff you will see a narrow road running along the river – that used to be the track for the railroad that hauled the lumber out of Carter County.

  3. Valcilda says:

    Wow. These are delicious scnees of fall in transition! I’ll bet it is a nice place to walk or just sit as the weather cools. I can smell that fresh air!You had some really dumb high school kids back in the 70s. Why would they burn down a place that could provide the means to their fantasies? :-)

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